2021-05-18   Two Israeli soldiers killed and 20 others injured as Al-Qassam Brigades shell Ashkool compound so far
2021-05-06   Israeli occupation navy attacks the fishers' boats in Gaza sea and pumps waster water towards them.
2021-05-06   Israeli occupation forces fire gas canisters at Palestinian shepherds near the separation fence in Eastern Khanyounis.
2021-03-29   Israeli occupation forces detain several Palestinians overnight in West Bank
2021-03-28   Palestinian worker severely injured while chased by occupation forces
2021-03-21   Occupation forces open fire at fishermen, farmers in Gaza
2021-03-16   Israeli occupation vehicles infiltrate Gaza border, destroy agricultural land
2021-03-14   Occupation forces detain four Palestinians, injure one with gunfire near Jerusalem
2020-06-01   Occupation arrests 21citizens from the occupied West Bank, freed prisoners among.
2020-05-21   Occupation forces arrests 23 citizens from the occupied West Bank, freed prisoners among.