Hamas: "We will be the shield of Jerusalem and the liberation path"

December 14, 2021

On its 34th anniversary, Hamas confirmed that it will always be the “shield of Jerusalem and liberation path and that the comprehensive resistance in all forms and means, at the forefront of which is the armed resistance, is the only way to regain our rights and liberate our land and sacred sanctities.”

Hamas stressed, in a statement issued today, Dec 14, that amid the Palestinian people's suffering and injustice they were exposed to, they, along with the Arab and Islamic Ummah, observed the emergence of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”. This movement pledged resistance against the Israeli occupation and is leading the liberation of Palestine and its holy sites. Moreover, the movement has been committed to achieving the aspirations of the Palestinian people to complete independence with full sovereignty over the entire land of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, confirmed Hamas, will always be the heart of Palestine and the crux of the conflict with the occupation. All the occupation's attempts of Judaization, temporal and spatial division, and displacement will not obliterate landmarks and change facts. Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine, and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque will also remain purely Islamic, protected by its people and valiant resistants. 

Hamas added: “Restructuring the Palestinian house via true partnership based on a unified struggle program among all Palestinian factions is the only way to protect the Palestinian national project against imminent dangers that will confront the occupation's colonial settlement and Judaization schemes and its mounting aggression. Once again, we reiterate that the Palestinian people are in dire need of comprehensive elections held simultaneously—the Palestinian vote is the best way out of the ongoing political crisis.”

Hamas saluted the steadfast Palestinian detainees in the Israeli occupation jails and reiterated that freeing them tops Hamas's priority. “We completely,” said Hamas, “support them in their battles of hunger strike in protest against the Israeli occupation’s illegal detention and ill-treatment.” Hamas also hailed those who dig the ‘tunnels of freedom’ to get out of jail in defiance of the Israeli occupation jailer.

Hamas stated that the 15-year ongoing unjust Israeli occupation siege imposed on more than two million people living in the Gaza Strip and the aggravation of the economic and health crises require immediate and urgent action to end their suffering by breaking and lifting the siege, especially after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, and the delay of reconstruction measures following the latest aggression.

“We salute our Palestinian refugees and appreciate their role in resisting the occupation and preserving their national identity. We reiterate our adherence to the inalienable right of return as a genuine individual and collective right”, Hamas added.

Hamas went on, saying that the British Parliament's designation of Hamas as a “terrorist organization" is added to Britain’s historical sins against our Palestinian people since the ill-fated Balfour Declaration and continued flagrant bias towards the racist occupation against the defenseless people defending their legitimate rights.

“While we affirm that this unjust decision will not dissuade our Palestinian people from resisting the occupation and defending our holy sanctities, we call on all Western governments, particularly Britain, to stop their blind bias policy and apologize for their historical role in causing displacement and the injustice that befell our people”, Hamas said.

“Normalization of some Arab regimes with the Zionist enemy, and conclusion of agreements in various fields, is a crime against our Palestinian people and Ummah. Normalization is a violation of the Arab and Islamic consensus against forging ties with the enemy of the Ummah as it opens the door for political, security, economic and cultural penetration that affects its national security and stability”, Hamas clarified. 

Hamas called on all normalizing countries to backtrack and correct this erroneous approach and end the normalization immediately.

Hamas concluded that the Arab and Islamic depth is the main incubator for the Palestinian cause and the project of liberation and return. It also called for adopting comprehensive decisions for the nation (Ummah) that consolidates its unity, solidarity, and integration, and to set a strategy that protects the Palestinian people and their legitimate struggle, and confronting the projects and schemes that target the Palestinian cause.