Commemorating the 'Engineer' ... Yahya Ayyash

January 05, 2022

Al Qassam website - In times of complete darkness, selfishness, and deafness, there is always a spark of hope, a light coming from nowhere, and there are very few people who would sacrifice whatever they possess for the sake of others, and for the sake of Allah. Ayyash was one of those men who dedicated their lives to helping people and defending Palestine. 

Today marks the 26th anniversary of the assassination of the engineer of Al- Qassam Brigades, Yehya Ayyash, after a bright history of great work.

Yahya Ayyash (1966-1996)

Yahya Ayyash was born on March 6th, 1966, the eldest of three brothers, in Rafat, southwest of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank. Ayyash was religiously observant and he used to pray in mosques and attend the holy Qur’an memorization sessions.

As a child, Ayyash showed a talent for electrical and mechanical work-repairing radios, television sets, and the like. Besides, he was an intelligent student at all educational levels and gained the appreciation of his teachers and the respect of his colleagues. After he passed the general secondary school exams with flying colors, he entered Birzeit University in 1987, where he received a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. 

At the beginning of 1992, Ayyash became active in the ranks of Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades, where he specialized in making explosives from raw materials at hand in the Palestinian territories. 

Everyone who knew Ayyash loved him because he was so modest and helpful to whoever wanted help. A look at Yahya’s eyes tells that he was of great mentality and with profound thinking. 

It was due to Yahya Ayyash that heroic self-martyrdom operations were used against the Israeli occupation aggression on defenseless Palestinian civilians. When the Zionist murderer, Baruch Goldstein, killed more than thirty Palestinians praying in the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil, Hamas vowed that the Israeli occupiers will pay a heavy price, and that’s what Ayyash made. In that capacity, he earned the nickname “the Engineer”, (Al-Muhandes in Arabic).

The Israeli occupation forces had many tries to assassinate Yahya Ayyash but to no avail. In October 1995, Shin Bet operatives approached a Palestinian collaborator who had helped them assassinate the engineer. Shin Bet agents gave the collaborator a cell phone and told him it was bugged so they could listen in on Ayyash's conversations. They did not tell the collaborator that, in addition to eavesdropping devices, it also contained 15 grams of RDX explosive.


On January 5th, 1996, Ayyash's father called him, and he picked the phone up and talked with his father. Overhead, an Israeli plane picked up their conversation and relayed it to an Israeli occupation command post. When it was confirmed that it was Ayyash on the phone, Shin Bet remotely detonated it, martyring Ayyash instantly.

Following Ayyash's death, four self-martyrdom operations killed 87 Israeli occupiers in February and March 1996. The first of these was shortly after the end of the 40-day mourning period for Ayyash and the cell that claimed responsibility for the attack called itself "Disciples of the martyr Yahya 'Ayyash", stating it was a revenge attack for his assassination.