Israeli occupying forces kidnap Palestinian civilians in pre-dawn detention raids

March 29, 2023

Al-Qassam Website - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have kidnapped on Wednesday twelve Palestinian civilians during pre-dawn raids on the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank towns and cities.

Local sources reported that the occupying forces had broken into Beit Rima town, west of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, and kidnapped Palestinians Ali al-Rimawi and Wahbi al-Rimawi.

The IOF also kidnapped Abdullah Abu Safi, Anan al-Sudani, and Abdallah Faraj from occupied Nablus, Qusai Ma’ali from occupied Jenin, and Mahmoud Abu Jamous from occupied Jericho, said the sources.

They also added that the occupation forces kidnapped Jehad Bishara, Mohammed Bishara, Abdul Rahman Hijazi, Abed Zahayqa, and Abdullah Hijazi from occupied Jerusalem.