Commemorating Palestine Land Day: the just struggle for justice

March 30, 2023

March 30 marks Palestine Land Day, a day of remembrance and commemoration for the sacrifices made by Palestinians in their struggle for land and self-determination. It is a day to reflect on the ongoing struggle for justice and freedom in Palestine and to honour the courage and resilience of the Palestinian people. 

The history of Palestine Land Day dates back to 1976 when the Israeli occupation government announced a plan to grab thousands of acres of land from Palestinian villages in the Galilee region. The announcement sparked protests and a general strike across the region, as Palestinians united in the face of the illegal land grab.

Using lethal force, the Israeli occupation forces responded using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the unarmed protesters, killing at least six Palestinians, injuring hundreds, and kidnapping dozens.

The legacy of that day marked a landmark in the Palestinian people's struggle for land and national rights, and inspired a renewed sense of solidarity and resistance.

Since then, Palestine Land Day has become an annual occasion to commemorate the sacrifices made by Palestinians in their quest for justice and liberation. It is a day to remember the lives lost, the families displaced, and the communities devastated by the Israeli occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land.

The ongoing occupation of Palestine has resulted in the displacement of millions of Palestinians from their homes, the seizure of their land and resources, and the imposition of a system of apartheid and discrimination. The Israeli occupation government has built colonial settlements on Palestinian land, constructed an Apartheid Wall that cuts through Palestinian communities, and imposed a siege on the Gaza enclave that has resulted in a humanitarian crisis.

For Palestinians, the struggle for land is not just about property rights or economic development. It is a struggle for their very existence as a people and for the preservation of their history, culture, and identity. It is a struggle against a brutal and oppressive regime that seeks to erase their presence and deny their rights.

Yet, despite these challenges, Palestinians continue to resist and fight for their rights. They organise protests, engage in civil disobedience, and advocate for their issue on the international stage. They draw inspiration from their history of struggle and from the solidarity of people around the world who stand with them in their quest for justice and freedom.

Palestine Land Day is a reminder that the Palestinian struggle for land and self-determination is far from over. It is a call to action for all those who believe in justice and human rights. It is a day to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand an end to the occupation and colonisation of their land.