Israeli occupation forces kidnap many Palestinians in pre-dawn raid into W. Bank

June 08, 2023

Al-Qassam Website - Israeli occupation forces have kidnapped several Palestinians, including individuals who had previously been detained for political reasons, in an early morning incursion into multiple areas of the occupied West Bank.

Young Palestinian woman Lian Kayed, a student at Bir Zeit University and a former political detainee, was kidnapped during the pre-dawn invasion of occupied Ramallah.

Ahmad al-Khaseeb, a lawyer and former political detainee, Mohammed Sammour Srour, Awwad Sadeq Srour, his son Mohammad, and a teenager named Odai Aqel Srour were also kidnapped by the Israeli occupying soldiers.

In occupied Jerusalem, Mohammad Walid Roweidi, a 17-year-old student, was kidnapped from his family's home in Silwan.

These reprehensible arrests occur during the late hours of the night with the intention of instilling terror in vulnerable individuals and sowing fear among the populace.