Palestinian detainees to go on hunger strike to protest Israeli arbitrary measures

8 months ago

Palestinian detainees in the “Hadarim” prison are planning to stage an open-ended hunger strike in protest at arbitrary policies adopted by the Israeli prison administration against them, including banning them from calling their families, the Palestinian Prisoners Club has said.

In a press statement Thursday, the Club explained that the Israeli prison service had taken advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to enforce several aggressive policies against the Palestinian detainees.

Denying the vast majority of Palestinian detainees from staying in contact with their families while suspending family visits since the announcement of a state of emergency in March is among such measures, the NGO group added.

The hunger strike, the Club continued, will be held to protest several other unabated violations against sick Palestinian detainees, especially in the Ramla prison clinic, and female detainees in the “Damon” prison, let alone the Israeli prison service’s decision to withdraw dozens of products from its prison canteens amid the COVID-19 emergency.