Israeli occupation delivers 30 demolition notices to Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

July 07, 2020

Occupied Jerusalem - July 7 - Israeli occupation forces issued Monday notices to demolish 30 Palestinian homes and structures in al-Issawiya town in occupied Jerusalem.

Muhammad Abu al-Hummus, a member of a local follow-up committee, said that Israeli occupation forces had sent dozens of notices to raze Palestinian houses and structures in the town, including the home of Palestinian detainee Samer al-Esawi's brother, which was also demolished by the Israeli occupation in 2013.

Israeli occupation troops took pictures of some of the houses and structures facing demolition, explained Abu al-Hummus.

Some of the homes facing demolition are populated, whereas some others are still under construction, Abu al-Hummus continued.

Al-Issawiya town is facing systemic oppression and suppression by the Israeli occupation, which bans its Palestinian residents from building on their lands.