Report: Israeli occupation detained 69 Palestinian women in six months

7 months ago

WEST BANK, July 19 - Israeli occupation forces have arrested 69 Palestinian women and girls over the past six months, a report by the Palestine Centre for Prisoners Studies (PCPS) has found.

Riyadh al-Ashqar, the Centre’s spokesperson, said that the Israeli occupation is still holding 41 Palestinian women in its jails, most of whom are in “Damon” prison.

25 of them were given various jail sentences, including eight serving more than 10 years and one held under administrative detention, whereas the rest of them are still waiting for their trials, al-Ashqar explained.   

Most of the arrested women and girls during the first half of this year are from occupied Jerusalem, including minors such as Mayar al-Natsha, 16, Maram al-Natsha, 17, and Aya Muhaisen, 17, and elderly ladies like Suzan al-Mabyad and Ibtisam Awad, both 50.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation troops detained the mother and wife of Palestinian martyr Maher Za'atra from the Jabal al-Mukaber neighbourhood east of occupied Jerusalem and released them after interrogation.

The wife of martyr Musbah Abu Sobieh, also the mother of Palestinian detainee Sobieh Abu Sobieh, was summoned for interrogation by Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli occupation troops also arrested the mother and sister of Palestinian detainee Yazen Obied, from Issawiya village in occupied Jerusalem, and the wife of Palestinian detainee Ayman Yahya and released her after interrogating her for hours.

In June, the Israeli prison administration moved Fadwa Hamada and Jihan Hashima to solidity confinement where they are held in harsh detention conditions.  

Furthermore, the Israeli prison service is deliberately neglecting to provide health care for six sick and injured female detainees held in very harsh conditions in Israeli jails.