Five Palestinian detainees on hunger strike to protest administrative detention

6 months ago

Five Palestinian detainees are still on an open-ended hunger strike to protest their administrative detention in Israeli prisons.

Among them is Hamas official Moatasem Samara, 43, who have been on a hunger strike for three days to protest at renewing his administrative detention for six months for the third time in a row.

The Israeli prison administration put Samara in solitary confinement and denied him family visits even though he was arrested several times and was jailed for about 18 years.

Palestinian detainee Maher al-Akhras, from the West Bank city of Jenin and who has been on a hunger strike for the 34th day in a row, suffers from weight loss, headaches, joint pains, and severe fatigue.

According to his lawyer, al-Akras’s health condition is deteriorating.  

Meanwhile, Palestinian detainee Mohammed Wahdan, a resident of the West Bank town of Rantis in northern Ramallah, has been on a hunger strike for the 25th day in a row in protest at his arbitrary detention.

To protest at being referred to administrative detention for six months, Mousa Zahra, a father of two sons and a former prisoner who was jailed for about five years, has been on a hunger strike for the 14th day in a row.

Palestinian detainee Abdel Rahman Shuaibat, from Biet Sahour town in Bethlehem, has been on a hunger strike for the 10th day in a row after being transferred to administrative detention for four months.  

The first hunger strike was launched by Palestinian detainees in Nablus prison in early 1968 to protest at being maltreated and tortured by Israeli occupation soldiers.

After launching a hunger strike, Palestinian detainees are being isolated and moved to solitary confinement in Israeli jails.