Tension mounts in ‘Ofer prison’ after detainee’s death due to medical neglect

6 months ago

The Israeli prison administration has transferred the body of Palestinian detainee Dawoud al-Khatib to the Abu Kabir Forensic Medical Institute for external inspection and take a CT scan for him, Qadri Abu Bakr, head of the Commission for Prisoners' Affairs, has said.

In a press statement on Thursday, Abu Bakr held the Israeli occupation and its prison service fully responsible for the lives of Palestinian detainees, who are subject to a deliberate policy of medical negligence that he recently led to al-Khatib’s death.

International silence encourages the Israeli occupation to intensify its crimes against Palestinian detainees, Abu Bakr added.

Abu Baker called on international human rights groups to form a special inquiry commission and visit Israeli jails to monitor the harsh conditions in which Palestinian detainees are held in Israeli jails.

Meanwhile, Abu Bakr stressed that tension has mounted in “Ofer” prison and other Israeli jails following news of al-Khatib’s death.

Abu Bakr pointed out that the heavily-armed Israeli occupation prison guards raided the cells and violently suppressing the detainees’ protest against medical negligence before moving 10 detainees to solitary confinement. 

Since 1967, 225 Palestinian detainees who have died due to medical negligence or torture and ill-treatment in Israeli prisons, Abu Bakr concluded.