Unbreakable Will

Tareq Abu Azzum

Palestinian Activist & Writer
September 14, 2020

Palestinian resistance re-industrializes Churchill’s British ammunitions sunk in the Gaza seabed to encounter the Israeli violations and aggressions.

Backed by injustice, Israel has imposed an unforgiving occupation on Palestinians for more than 70 years that has severely undermined their living, social and economic conditions.

In recent years, Israel has singled out the Gaza Strip with a brutal targeting through a series of attacks and military campaigns against 2 million Palestinian citizens and reinforced its attacks with a total siege using all of its military, security, media, and political means on land, sea, and air which caused severe pain and oppression to Palestinians.

Palestinians have called for the international community to afford them protection and decent life, but the world did not heed their calls. Thus, they had no choice but to fight bravely or die with honor. In light of the occupation and the oppression affecting all aspects of Palestinians’ lives and with the help of the neighbouring, treacherous, and complicit governments, Palestinian freedom fighters had no option but to resist the occupation from scratch and challenge reality and logic.

Palestinians began to resist the occupation in a sad and tragic way. They kicked off their resistance project using a rifle against a warplane and a grenade against a Merkava tank. They started manufacturing local tools and raw materials to build simple weapons.

The men of freedom, the men of the resistance, continued to challenge the Israeli occupation and its extreme injustice. In spite of being labeled as terrorists and saboteurs, they did not pay any attention to that, but on the contrary, with determination and faith, they continued to evolve their capabilities and means of resistance.

British Churchill destroyers which are filled with ammunition and cast steel, sunk in the Gaza sea, were discovered by Palestinian resistance divers during one of their training missions, in the Deir al-Balah coast.

Historically, on 11 November 1917, two British destroyers (HMS M15) and (HMS Staunch) were torpedoed by UC-38(a German minelaying submarine serves in the German imperial navy during World War I) after bombarding Gaza as part of the (Third Battle of Gaza).

Large quantities of ammunition and iron which are banned from entering the Gaza strip were extracted from both destroyers and the Palestinian resistance discussed how to reuse these shells. With the minds and determination of the besieged resistance fighters, they managed to use the old British destroyer’s artillery shells as warheads for Palestinian missiles. Indeed, they were installed on two types of Palestinian missiles bearing the name Sajjil (S 40) and Sajjil (S 55).

These homemade rockets are directed at the Israeli occupation and its military and security bases through which the Israeli occupation army practiced its massacres and bloody attacks. Thus, this message is for the Israeli occupation and for all entities supporting it that the Palestinian revolutionaries will not surrender and will never be defeated.

And this message is directed at all free people around the globe is that the human beings in Palestine are still fighting for a decent life and freedom. All greetings and glory to all free people world-wide.

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