Palestinian resistance is united in face of Israeli occupation

3 months ago

The Palestinian resistance stressed on Tuesday that it is united behind defending the Palestinian people anytime.

In a press conference held in Gaza, the Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance Factions announced the launch of a large-scale military drills to enhance joint action and cooperation among them.

The Palestinian resistance warned the Israeli occupation leadership against launching any offensive against the Palestinian people, adding that it “would be met with strength and unity and would carry many surprises.”

The Palestinian resistance confirmed that the military exercises would simulate “expected threats posed by the Israeli occupation and are aimed at developing and enhancing the capability and competence of Palestinian resistance fighters to enable them to fight in different circumstances and times.”

“These defensive military exercises are intended to confirm that the Palestinian resistance is ready to defend its people at all times and under any circumstances and that it is willing to go into any battle to defend its people and their lands,” the statement affirmed.

The Palestinian resistance reiterated that it would continue to enhance its military capabilities and techniques.

“The Israeli occupation today is aware the Palestinian resistance has grown stronger and more capable of facing it off,” the statement continued. 

The Palestinian resistance movements reaffirmed that normalisation agreements “will not change anything on the ground”.

The Palestinian cause will remain a top priority for Arabs, Muslims, and the free people of the world, the statement concluded.

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