Several Palestinians injured as Israeli occupation suppresses West Bank protest

1 month ago

WEST BANK, January 28 – Israeli occupation forces violently attacked an anti-settlement march in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddoum, injuring three Palestinian citizens and causing dozens to suffocate.

Murad Ishtiwi, the coordinator of Popular Resistance Committees in Kafr Qaddoum, said Israeli occupation soldiers broke into the village and heavily fired rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas at Palestinian citizens.

Three young men were injured with rubber-coated metal bullets and dozens others suffered breathing difficulties after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli occupation troops as they were attacking the peaceful, popular demonstration.  

Kafr Qaddoum has recently witnessed a spike in night raids and ambushes by Israeli occupation forces in a bid to foil the weekly march, but the villagers insist on continuing their protests until achieving their goals.

For the tenth year in a row, residents of Kafr Qaddoum have been staging weekly demonstrations to demand the opening of their village’s main road, which has been closed for more than 17 years due to the illegal Israeli settlement expansion.

The Israeli occupation closed the main entrance to Kafr Qaddoum to expand the illegal settlement of “Kedumim” and link it with other outposts, built on about 4,000 dunums (400 hectares) of Palestinian land in the village.