Israeli Occupation Launched a Campaign of Arrests in West Bank

3 weeks ago

West Bank, Monday 8th Feb. 2021

The Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests and raids in the occupied West Bank.

 In Ramallah, the occupation forces stormed Al-Shorfa neighbourhood and clashes erupted with dozens of Palestinian youths. The brutal occupation forces fired tear gas canisters and sound bombs towards innocent civilians.

Special units of the occupation forces known as “Mistaravim” infiltrated during the clashes and fired live bullets and kidnapped four Palestinians after beating them. The “Mistaravim” took the four young men to a nearby settlement which is established on the city's lands.

In Ni’lin town, west of Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of raids that targeted dozens of homes.

Local sources reported that clashes erupted and the occupation forces had summoned five ex-prisoners for investigation and warned them not to celebrate the upcoming release of Hamas leader Shukri Al-Khawaja.