The Israeli Occupation Seizes 19 Donums in Qalqilya

2 weeks ago

The Israeli occupation forces seized 19 donums in Azoun village in the south of Qalqilya city today. The chief of Settlement affairs, Mohammed Abu Al-Sheikh reported that the Israeli occupation forces issued a military order to seize about 19 donums in the south of Zaoun village in favour of an Israeli settlement established in the lands of the village.

The Israeli occupation forces continue suppressing and punishing the residents of Zaoun village in Qalqilya city. More than 25.000 donums were expropriated in Qalqilya city to establish illegal Israeli settlements.

In 1994, the Israeli occupation established its first military barriers in Azoun to separate some agricultural lands in addition to four other barriers in the entrance and the exit of the town. These military barriers were surrounded by a huge number of surveillance cameras to control the free movement of Palestinian citizens.