Remembering Israeli war crimes against citizens of Gaza Strip

May 20, 2022

Today marks the first anniversary of the Israeli occupation authorities’ indiscriminate killing of defenseless Palestinian civilians and shelling of residential buildings and local and international institutions’ sites in the Gaza enclave.

On May 10, 2021, Israeli occupation authorities started a wide-range offensive on the Gaza Strip after Gaza-based resistance factions fired rockets toward the Israeli occupation entity in defense of Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem against the Israeli occupation authorities’ attempts to displace them from their neighborhood in favor of colonial settlers.

During the 11-day onslaught, the Israeli occupation air, land, and naval forces conducted a large-scale military attack on the Gaza Strip, the fourth since 2008, where they dropped tons of high-explosive bombs, leaving hundreds dead and thousands injured.

The Israeli occupation forces killed 232 Palestinians, including 71 minors during the May offensive on the Gaza Strip. According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, 470 children and 310 women were among the injured, and 60 had critical injuries.

The offensive also wreaked havoc on infrastructure, civilian targets, and residential buildings, with many of them being bombed while inhabitants were still inside. Many families were completely wiped off the Palestinian civil registry.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor documented the Israeli occupation's 11-day offensive on the Gaza Strip as follows

On day 1, the Israeli occupation forces launched more than 56 airstrikes with 120 missiles and bombs at many targets in the Gaza enclave. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, 21 Palestinians, including nine children, were killed and dozens wounded by IOF.

On day 2, an Israeli occupation aircraft launched dozens of raids that killed 11 Palestinians, including a woman and her disabled son (who suffered from cerebral palsy), and wounded dozens. The airstrikes also destroyed the Hanadi residential tower in the southwest of Gaza City, the Al Jawhara residential tower in the center of Gaza City, and a private school. 

On day 3, the Israeli occupation forces launched more than 200 raids in various areas of the Strip. The bombing focused on government headquarters, towers, residential homes, and media headquarters, killing 33 Palestinians and wounding dozens.

On day 4, Israeli occupation aircraft launched dozens of raids, killing 34 Palestinians, 20 of them in the northern Gaza Strip, in addition to destroying a whole residential neighborhood and other infrastructures.

On day 5, Israeli occupation aircraft launched more than 300 raids in various areas of the Gaza Strip, killing 21 Palestinians and wounding dozens. This day saw the destruction of more homes and civilian facilities.

On day 6, Israeli occupation aircraft carried out more than 155 airstrikes, killing 15 Palestinians and wounding tens. Twelve Palestinians were killed, including eight children and two women. The Gaza Strip also witnessed the demolition of the Al-Jalaa Tower in the central Gaza Strip, the partial destruction of the Andalus and Cairo Towers, southwest of Gaza City, and the destruction of three multi-story houses.

On day 7, the Israeli occupation forces indiscriminately killed 51 Palestinians throughout the Gaza Strip in an attack that mass killed 44 people, 18 children, and 13 women included, after carrying out the most violent bombing since the beginning of the attack on Al-Wehda Street and its residential homes in the Al-Rimal neighborhood, west of Gaza City.

On day 8, the Israeli occupation aircraft carried out dozens of strikes, killing 13 Palestinians and wounding dozens. In addition, two multi-storey commercial buildings were destroyed, the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, the military medical services, a Palestinian institution, the Al-Nahda library and printing press, the Orphans’ Care Fund, a bank, and five factories were severely damaged.

On day 9, an Israeli occupation aircraft carried out more than 165 raids, and the bombing concentrated on the west and east of Gaza City. Three Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded. The day witnessed the destruction of at least 15 homes through direct targeting.

On day 10, the Israeli occupation aircraft carried out more than 194 raids, along with artillery shelling across land and sea, killing 13 Palestinians, wounding dozens, and destroying 25 homes.

On day 11, Israeli occupation aircraft launched dozens of raids, killing three Palestinians, and wounding dozens while destroying seven homes.

Friday, May 21

A simultaneous mutual ceasefire between the Israeli occupation authorities and the Palestinian factions came into effect at 2 a.m. In the morning, several Palestinian bodies were recovered from under the rubble in Khan Yunis and Gaza, including a dead child whose family had been killed after their home in Gaza, was bombed.