Sonic Booms: Israeli occupation's weapon of choice to terrorise Palestinians in Gaza

February 08, 2023

Al-Qassam Website - The Israeli occupation authorities have been deploying terrifying tactics against Palestinian civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip, one of which is sonic booms that strike fear into the hearts of the defenceless civilians, induce miscarriages, and traumatise children and the elderly.

The sonic booms, the Israeli occupation’s weapon of choice, employed over the impoverished coastal strip have been a source of concern for residents and international organisations for several years. The booms, caused when the occupation’s air force jets break the sound barrier at low altitudes, have been used as a means of intimidating the local population and creating a sense of fear and insecurity among them.

Created by the occupation’s military jets once in a while, Sonic booms can cause significant damage to homes and buildings, as well as physical harm to those nearby. In the densely populated enclave, where most residents live in close proximity to one another, the impact of these booms can be particularly devastating.

The use of sonic booms by the Israeli occupation’s military has been criticised by human rights organisations, who believe that they are tantamount to collective punishment and violate the principles of international law. The United Nations has also expressed concern about the humanitarian impact of the booms, particularly on children and the elderly.

The Palestinian citizens of the Gaza enclave, who have been living under an Israeli-imposed blockade for nearly two decades, have called for an end to the use of sonic booms, as they only add to the suffering of an already beleaguered population. 

The genocidal occupation’s excessive use of lethal force against unarmed Palestinians is a major tool that reflects an increasingly violent and repressive apartheid regime that does not value Palestinian life and rights.

It has become clear that the settler-colonial occupation is floundering, not knowing how to deal with the steadfast Palestinian resistance; sometimes, it would launch all-out offensives and destructive air and sonic raids; other times, it would assassinate Palestinian figures and fire white phosphorus shells and deadly weapons that are prohibited in all circumstances by the IHL Treaties.

The Israeli occupation authorities are delusional if they think they could break the will of the valiant Palestinian people or dissuade them from resisting the occupation forces and colonial settlers.

In conclusion, the Israeli occupation’s sonic booms in the Besieged Gaza Strip continue to cause significant harm to the local population and violate the principles of international law. The international community must take action to bring an end to this immoral and illegal practice and ensure that the rights of the Palestinian people are respected and safeguarded.