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كتائب الشهيد عز الدين القسام

الجناح العسكري لحركة حماس

دائرة الإعلام العسكري


Military Communiqué issued by

::: Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades :::

345 Qassam rockets & 213 Grads

Military Communiqué

345 Qassam rockets and 213 Grad rockets, 422 mortars

Palestinian people …  Arab nation … the Islamic world

After the war and the third Holocaust in Gaza which waged by the Zionist enemy against our people in the Gaza Strip, after the heroic battle fought by Al-Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian resistance factions on the pure land of Gaza, which will remain a thorn in the throat of the Zionist entity forever … 

After the legendary and the heroic steadfastness to the resistance … the Zionist entity gathered all his forces in the air, land and sea after long blockade, then he committed the horrendous massacres, and with all this systematic terrorism and criminality, led by a group of killers of Zionist gangs, who represent a natural extension of the Haganah and Al-argon gangs that carried out the massacres of Deir Yassin.


The enemy has been prepared for the war for long time, for several months earlier, and who justify the war to the enemy is a partner in the aggression and an accomplice with this war.

The Zionist entity gathered forces are enough to occupy dozens of countries, but we didn’t abandoned our land, our people stood with us in defending our land in the battle of the Criterion.


Zionist entity have carried out two thousands and a half air raid on Gaza, and used all their forces against this brutal small sector "Gaza strip", surrounded from everywhere and announced that they have exhausted 50% of the air force ammunition.


The war criminals described this war against Gaza civilians as the largest in the history of the Zionist army, and in return, we did not response the war by the Arab weapons, we did not use the aircraft or tanks, but we used the weapons we made with our hands


Here we stand on the events and the results of this senseless war against our people and in return, the defense war, which fought against the new-Nazis, and in five levels:


1)   Al-Qassam Martyrs:

You know that the number of martyrs in this war has reached more than one thousand and three hundred, most of them are civilians and many of them women and children and the elderly. Al Qassam Brigades mourns (48) of Al Qassam mujahedeen in the battles across Gaza strip.


2)   The Zionist losses:

Through the battles across Gaza strip, we confirm killing (49) Zionist soldiers and injured hundreds, not to mention the operations have not been watching the dead directly, such as the bombing of the areas where the soldiers and the shelling of missiles, tanks and targeting , and sniping soldiers, and other ... Thus, our estimate that the number of enemy dead is at least (80) soldiers in the battlefield.

We challenge the Zionist army to announce the real losses in this battle, all the world heard and saw how the stresses of military control over the enemy media, which does not make anything but what he wants to the Zionist settles.


One of the plays, the military censorship registration hundred of the killed soldiers as "deaths under the reason of accidents", and all who monitor the Zionist media can easily detect that.


3)   The harvest of Al-Qassam responses:

Despite the ferocity of the bombardment, and targeting everything that moves on the ground and the use of petrol and phosphorous bombs, and the shelling by the artillery bombardment to the areas in which the enemy tries to enter it, Al-Qassam Brigades, carried out during twenty-three-days the follows:


Al-Qassam Brigades, has launched nine hundred and eighty rockets and missiles as responding to the war, including: 345 Qassam rockets and 213 Grad rockets, 422 mortar rounds, it was as the following:

A) Al Qassam Brigades fired (98) anti- tank missiles, some of the anti-tank missiles was used for the first time in Gaza Strip.


B) Al Qassam Brigades exploded (79) explosive device under the Zionist soldiers and the tanks.

C) Al Qassam Brigades executed (53) sniping operations for the Zionist soldiers, some of these operations have been documented and the world saw the Zionist soldiers falling.


D) Al Qassam Brigades succeeded to ambush the Zionist soldiers (12) times, in addition to (19) directly clash with the Zionist armed forces of the enemy face to face.


E) Al Qassam Brigades executed a martyrdom operation against the enemy forces, where the martyrdom Sami Rezik Subeh blew himself up at the mouth of a Zionist tank in Al Atatra area north of Gaza Strip.


F) Al Qassam Brigades stresses that their men had been destroyed in whole or in part (47) tanks, bulldozers and troop carriers.


G) Al Qassam Brigades succeeded to harm four helicopters and destroying a reconnaissance aircraft (it can carry missiles for assassinations).


H) Al Qassam Brigades stresses that the Brigades abducted two soldiers during the operations, the first try was in the eastern district "Al Tuffah neighborhood" in the third day of the ground war, Al Qassam men succeeded to abduct several Zionist soldiers but the Zionist war planes F-16 killed the Zionist soldiers with the Qassam men, Mahmoud Al Reefi martyred in the Zionist attack, also number of Mujahedeen were wounded and they were able to withdraw.


The second operation was in the eastern area of Jabalya on January 5, where the Mujahedeen captured Zionist soldier, they held him for two days in one of the buildings on the battlefield, the enemy sent to the scene one of the citizens who were kidnapped as human shields to bargain for releasing the Zionist soldier, but the mujahedeen refused to surrender or to hand over the soldier, the Zionist warplanes targeted the building and killed the soldier and the mujahedeen, the mujahedeen are: killed in the operation of three Qassam Mujahedeen They are: Mohamed Farid Abdullah, Mohamed Abdullah Obeid, Iyad Hassan Obeid.

4) The regions that invaded:


The Zionist enemy has used in his war policy of scorched-earth, so the Zionist army burnt the earth and the Palestinian people by bombs, rockets and missiles from land, air and sea before the ground incursion, so thousands of civilians and the safe houses were destroyed, that what is happened in the North west of the Gaza Strip in Atatra  and in Tal Al-Islam, south of Gaza City, where the enemy tried to engage in open areas and when he had contact with the areas of population, he made a genocide. The shelling targeted houses, mosques and govern buildings.


The Zionist incursion was in an open areas such as what so called Netzarim, Murghaqa, eastern areas of Jabaliya, and Khuzaa and Rafah.


It was clear that the enemy is trying to avoid the fires of resistance, and although we were able to carry out dozens of operations targeting, fighting and ambushes, and to work behind enemy lines. If the Zionist enemy is able to re-occupying the strip, he will do so without hesitation, but he knows very well what will happen if he did so.


5)   The failure of achieving his goals:

The Zionist Olmert and his team claimed that are proud to achieve great achievements and that they direct a severe blow to Hamas in Gaza, and we assure to this butcher and to the Zionist leaders that they didn’t achieve anything but they return with new massacres, killings and war crimes against Palestinian children.

It is very clear that the Zionist enemy did not achieve any of the objectives of this war, but killing of hundreds of children, killing of women and the elderly, and revenge of innocent civilians, destroying houses over the heads of their inhabitants and bombing mosques, schools, institutions and international relief and civilian installations and the police.


Here we ask the Zionist community to ask his leadership about the war objectives. what are these vague goals they are talking about, those objectives are foggy and gray and non - clear??? It is clear that one of its main objectives is the political auction in the Zionist election.


We are surprised by the weakness of the enemy's ability to plan and intelligence, the occupation has proved that he is skilled at collective killing, important points to consider:

1) Zionist announced that the main objective is to destroy Hamas govern in Gaza and they failed.


2) if you asked about the rockets, we assure you that our rockets had not been affected, and we launched rockets during the war, without interruption, and we are still strong and able to fire rockets, missiles. we assure that our missiles launched as we planned during the war and after the announcement the cease-fire by the enemy and stop the missiles was an independent decision and not pressure by the enemy or anyone.

3) We have heard in the beginning of the war that it would be a shocking and surprising war, that mean, it will be very short, but soon the leaders of the war under the weight of failure announced second, third, fourth phase, and new objectives, what is this war.

4) The Zionist leaders of the enemy is lying to themselves and say they have destroyed Hamas force, but today we assure that what we lost in this war is a small and very small, and we have restored the lost during the war and before the end of it.

5) Where is the courage of this army, which fought by the technology from the air and from inside the tanks against people just have a few weapons and equipments,
the strange thing that the Zionist army is the only army in the world who used diapers, which means very clearly (Pampers), they do not dare to go down to the field to confront the men.


6) we are saying to the Zionist community that their army is shameful and put you under deception and lies of its leaders. What is the kind of the army who executed civilians as children and old people, women after arresting them, and kills his soldiers …. And your leaders talk about victory … what victory.

7) The promotion of what the enemy tried to tell to you about he managed to arrest number of the resistance men, is totally untrue and ridiculous propaganda, we assure that none of our men had been arrested by the army, and all of the detainees are citizens and unarmed.

8) Zionist army destroyed (23) mosque under the religious hatred fully and partial, claiming use in storing weapons, also Palestinian civilians were killed in these mosques.

9) After the failure, the Zionist entity announced that he intend to stop what he called the smuggling of arms across the border, trying to mobilize international support for it, and we say here, when the Arab officials let the honest weapons pass from their borders, obtaining the honest weapon is our

Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

January 19th, 2009

Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

January 20, 2009