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Military Communiqué issued by

::: Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades :::

Abu Obeida statement during the press conference in December 25th, 2010

Military Communiqué

Abu Obeida's statement during the press conference in December 25th, 2010

After twenty-three years of resistance and sacrifices, and in the second anniversary of the Zionist war on Gaza strip, the Information Office of Al Qassam Brigades keen always to document the path of resistance of Al Qassam Brigades. We didn’t take the responsibility to protect our members and our detainees.

We will talk in this conference in three issues:

The first issue: The official statistics of Al Qassam Brigades.

The second issue: Operations adopted by Al Qassam Brigades for first time.

The third issue: The Brigades' position of the last Zionist escalation.

The first issue, the Martyrs:

 Martyrs before Al Aqsa Intifada


 Martyrs from (2000-2005)


 Martyrs from (2006-2010)




Martyrs according to district:

 Gaza Strip


 West Bank


 Martyrs from outside Palestine


Martyrs according to way of Martyrdom:

 Martyrdom Operations


 Zionist assassinations


 Fatah militia


 Break into military sites


We note to two things:

1) This statistic is what the security conditions permitted, emphasizing that there are some operations we did not declare for different reasons.

2) The losses of the enemy are according to the Zionist enemy estimates.

Al Qassam Brigades' Operations:

 The number of Al Qassam operations are 1115, the percentage of operations since the beginning of 2006 is 32% of the total operations, that means one third of Al Qassam operations during the twenty-three years was in the last five years.

The operations included martyrdom operations, incursions, ambushes, raids, sniping & detaining. The kidnapping operations were 24, part of them succeeded as what has happened in June 2006.

This statistic was a response to the Zionist genocide which carried out against our people in the Gaza Strip and in response to tens of thousands of Zionist rockets that fell on the Palestinian people

 Kidnapping Zionist Soldiers


 Qassam rockets






Since the beginning of 2006 until the end of 201, Al Qassam Brigades fired 68% of the total number of rockets and missiles. (In view of the Zionist escalation, aggression, blockade imposed on Gaza and launching a war against it.

Losses of the Zionist enemy in Al-Qassam operations - according to the Zionist confession - the total number of Zionist deaths since twenty-three years is 1363, the total number of Zionist injuries is 6378.

The Second issue, Operations adopted by Al Qassam Brigades for the first time:

Al-Qassam Brigades through years of working against the occupation, resorted in many cases to delay the adoption of military operations, for security conditions to protect detainees before the judgments against them or other reasons related to the continuity of resistance.

The total operations that we will announce today are six, which killed fifteen Zionist soldiers and wounded 47 others between 2005 and 2010:

Firstly: Hebron Cell: It consists of four operations carried out by the detainees Shakib Al Oweiwi, sentenced for life, the detainee Mosa Wazuz sentenced for life, the detainee Mohammed Jolan, sentenced for life, and the detainee Louay Oweiwi, sentenced for life.

Note: The enemy sentenced the four qassam members for executing the operations, which were adopted by other factions at that time!

The Operations were as follows:

1) Hajai Operation (Zionist military site):  Al Qassam members targeted a bus station for soldiers in what is known "Hagai" east of Hebron in June 24th, 2005. Result: Two Zionists soldiers killed.

2) The old city of Hebron: Time: July, 2005, Al Qassam members targeted number of Zionist soldiers. Result: Two soldiers were wounded.

3) Etzion (Zionist military site): To commemorate the massacre of the Ibrahimi Mosque on 17/10/2005, Al Qassam members targeted Zionist militants near bus station for soldiers at the entrance the military base "Etzion", near Hebron. Result: Three Zionist soldiers were killed and four soldiers were injured.

4) Sindas Mount (Zionist military site): Time: December 16th, 2005, Al Qassam members targeted a car carrying Zionist settlers near what so called Kiryat Arba in an area known as the Sindas Mount in Hebron. Result: Zionist soldier were killed.

We greet our detainees behind the Zionist bars and we promise them with liberation and victory.

Secondly: Al Quds martyrdom heroic operation:

Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades declares today its full responsibility for Al Quds heroic operation conducted by the martyr Al'a Hisham Abu Dhim, from Jabal Al Mukaber in the occupied Jerusalem.

The operation targeted in March 6th, 2008 what called "Haraf" racist school, that graduate Zionist extremist murderers, where the martyr Al'a Abu Dahim moved forward to avenge the Gaza massacre that was committed by the Zionist enemy in March 2008 and caused of killing 1400 Palestinians, most were from civilians.

The heroic operation against the racist school of "Haraf" led to killing 8 Zionists, and injuring of 30 others, according to Zionist confessions. 

Thirdly: Freedom Operation:

Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades declares today its full responsibility for the "Freedom Operation" which came as a response for the "Freedom Flotilla massacre" committed by Zionist occupation forces in the Mediterranean Sea in March 31st 2010.

Al Qassam Freedom Fighters attacked a Zionist police vehicle near Al Khalil city at street number 60, connecting between Bethlehem and Al Khalil city near the illegal settlement of "Hajay".

The operation led to killing one Zionist soldier and injuring of three others, one seriously injured.

Today we declare full responsibility for the mentioned operations, while we proudly salute its responsible heroes who became prisoners in Zionist occupation jails, and to our Mujahideen who are chased and still suffering the double aggression whether by the Zionist enemy or the PA-Abba's government in the West Bank.

We promise our Mujahideen in the West Bank that we will never thwart them and will keep honest to their struggle that’s because their cause is our cause, and their pain is ours too, and we say to them that tyranny will never last.

The third issue in our press conference for today is the recent situation represented in the Zionist escalation in Gaza Strip.

For that we assert on the following:

First: The recent attempts of escalation by Zionist enemy is a play in fire, and enemy should realize that escalating aggression will not be met with silence, and calm from side of the Al Qassam Brigades is not a weakness or a fear, but an "evaluation of the situation".

Second: If Zionist enemy hopes to test our response, he will find a cruel response from our side, and we invite him not to try such folly, and enemy knows very well that we are able to deter him strongly, and our message in the recent days have reached very good for Zionists, and they have to read it carefully and accurately.

Third: The Zionist repeated threats against the Gaza Strip will not intimidate or fluster us and will not change our positions, but would push us to greater vigilance and preparation and readiness to face, and if the enemy thinks that his criminal war can deter us he would be an idiot, and the days will prove honesty of what we say, and if the occupation has failed miserably in "al Furqan war", today we are stronger than ever before thanks to God, and the enemy is closer to failure.

Fourth: We seek to avoid war and aggression against our people, but if enemy imposes a confrontation, we will fight back by the help of God, and we will resist with all our power at any cost and the Zionists will pay the price for any offense dearly.

Finally ... We in the al-Qassam Brigades today as we announce these figures, facts and announce these jihad operations for the first time, we stress after twenty-three years ago at the memory of al-Furqan war, we are firm on our land and are committed to the covenant of the martyrs, and our hands on the trigger and we intend to continue on our way at all costs and no matter how great the sacrifices are..

 Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

December 25th, 2010

Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

December 25, 2010