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Military Communiqué issued by

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The second Phase of "DEVOTION OF THE FREE" operation

Military Communiqué

Press conference

 The second Phase of  "DEVOTION OF THE FREE" operation

 We stand proudly today before our people & before history, declaring the completion of the exchange deal "Devotion of the Free", which liberated thousand and fifty prisoners from the Israeli jails.

The occupation unfairly sentenced on our prisoners thousands of years!!, the total provisions of the first phase reached ninety-two thousand years (92,000), while the total provisions of the second phase reached (2350).

We are today, and during the second phase of the deal, continuing  efforts and achievements, and we put a milestone in resistance path.

The issue of prisoners today stands on the priorities of the Palestinian resistance more than ever, and the military, political and security efforts the resistance made, from planning the "Dispelled illusion" operation until the second phase of liberation, will be a weapon and ammunition to the resistance in the future.

We emphasize on the following:

First: We have observed with the brothers in Egypt, the course of implementation the agreement in both phases and between them, until the last minute, to make sure the commitment of the occupation to implement what was agreed.

Second: The commitment of the enemy to the implementation of releasing prisoners in the first and second phase according to the arrangements, appointments, and numbers, is an achievement for the resistance and the Egyptian mediator. Further, it is proof that the enemy fears the consequences of breaking the deal, while the enemy disclaimed all his responsibilities with the world.

Third: We consider liberating any Palestinian prisoners is a benefit and a victory for our people, resistance and prisoners, regardless of political affiliation.

Fourth: The exchange agreement provides for the release of all prisoners from the prisons of the occupation, and not releasing some of the female prisoners under the pretext that they are from the occupied Palestine in 1948, and we would not accept this claim and we will continue to work with the Egyptians for releasing all prisoners.

Fifth: the ambition in the Palestinian resistance was and still and will remain releasing all prisoners from the Israeli jails, but our success historical in this deal will never make us Left out our sacred duty to liberate the resistant men from behind bars, we have liberated 20% of our prisoners in exchange of one Israeli soldier.

Sixth: we renew our greetings to the people who contributed to this victory, especially the martyrs of the resistance and the martyrs of "Dispelled Illusion" operation, and for the resistance factions which participated in this operation, and together, God willing, we will continue until the liberation of our prisoners from the injustice jails.

Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades 

Information Office 

December 18th, 2011



Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Information Office

December 19, 2011