Netanyahu: Israeli Settlers Will Stay in Al-Khalil Forever

September 05, 2019

During his first visit to Al-Khalil city since 1998, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israeli settlers are not strangers and they will stay in Al-Khalil forever.

In this regard, the Palestinian Ministry of Religious Endowment denounced this statement and declared that it reflected the racism of Israeli occupation and constituted a dangerous escalation against Palestinian residents in Al-Khalil.

The Palestinian residents of Al-Khalil said that Israeli occupation forces practiced daily narrowing procedures and closed Al-Ibrahimi Mosque to prevent worshippers from performing their daily prayers.

Since 1994, Israeli occupation divided Al-Ibrahimi Mosque into two parts to allow Israeli illegal settlers to practice their Talmudic rituals.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ibrahimi Mosque lies in the old city of Al- Khalil which resides 400 Israeli settlers and 1500 Israeli soldiers.