Israeli Occupation detain Palestinians from West Bank

September 13, 2021

WEST BANK, Sept 13 - At dawn today, Monday, the occupation forces launched a campaign of raids and detention in various areas of the occupied West Bank during which relatives of Ayham Kammaji, one of the six Palestinians who managed to break free from Gilboa prison a few days ago, in continuation of the extensive military operation of the occupation in Jenin governorate.

Large numbers of occupation soldiers raided the town of Al-Yamoun and arrested the young man, Qaysar Kammaji, cousin of Ayham Kamamji, and searched his house and other neighboring houses, the Prisoner’s Club said. They also fired illumination flares while thoroughly searching the town, the club added.

A military force broke into the neighboring town of Kafr Dan, stormed the house of Ayham Kammaji, investigated his family, and detained his brother.

On Monday morning, the occupation forces stormed the town of Ya'bad in large numbers and conducted a search campaign of houses adjacent to the home of Monadel Infi’at, one of the six Palestinians who managed to break free from Gilboa prison a few days ago.

The extensive military operation of the occupation continues in the area from Ya'bad to Yamoun, in which large numbers of occupation forces are deployed for days. 

In Nablus governorate, night confrontations erupted between Palestinian young men and the occupation forces at the entrance to Burqa village.

Dozens of young men closed the Jenin-Nablus main street, with tires and roadblocks, and resisted the occupation forces, eyewitnesses reported.

In addition, a group of settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles near the evacuated "Homash" settlement, south of Jenin.

The occupation forces arrested a boy and a young man from Qalqilya city.

The occupation forces arrested the boy Ahmed Nael Odeh, and the young man Aysar Abu Sneineh, while they were near the northern checkpoint of the city, the Prisoner's Club reported.