Israeli occupation demolish Palestinian-owned house in Lid

September 13, 2021

Israeli occupation municipality bulldozers tore down, at dawn today, Monday, a house for the Abu Kish family in the city of Lod, in the center of occupied Palestine in 1948, under the pretext of lacking a building permit, Sept 13, 2021.

Large forces of the occupation, escorted by bulldozers, closed the area and the streets surrounding the house and prevented the Palestinians from reaching the place before demolishing the house, eyewitnesses told.

The owner of the house had demolished part of it in an attempt to stop the demolition decision, but the occupation authorities insisted on demolishing it.

"The policy of demolition in Lod continues without stopping, and the authorities do not want to grant building permits to the residents of Lod, and at the same time it is demolished without providing an alternative," member of the Lod municipality, Muhammad Abu Shreiqi, stated.

Palestinian sources in the city warned that the demolition of the house today is an indication of the intention of the occupation municipality to escalate the demolition of Palestinian homes during the coming period, under the pretexts of lacking building permits.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities and its municipality in Lod have recently tightened the noose on the Palestinian Arabs in the city, and worked with all their might to confine them demographically within the Arab neighborhoods, which made them like narrow “cantons” that are not enough for them.

While the occupation authorities refuse to issue building permits for Arab homes, they proceed to build new settlement neighborhoods for the Jews.