Occupation forces injure 10 Palestinians in Nablus

September 14, 2021

WEST BANK - 10 Palestinians have been injured by metal bullets, on Monday evening after the Israeli occupation forces suppressed a peaceful march that headed towards Huwara checkpoint, south of Nablus in support of the Palestinian detainees in the occupation jails, Monday, Sept 13, 2021.

The march was organized upon the invitation of the National Committee to Support Prisoners in Nablus Governorate in support of the prisoners, and against the policy of collective punishment against them by the occupation prisons administration. The participants carried the Palestinian flag and chanted slogans saluting the steadfastness of the prisoners.

10 civilians were wounded by metal bullets in different parts of the body, including a journalist and a woman, two of them were taken to hospital. In addition, more than twenty others have been injured by tear gas, the director of ambulance and emergency at the Red Crescent Society in Nablus, Ahmed Jibril, stated.

In the evening, confrontations erupted at the Al-Jalama military checkpoint, west of Jenin. Dozens of Palestinian young men blocked with barricades and tires the main street leading to the checkpoint, and threw stones at the occupation soldiers, local sources reported.

Palestinian young men, people have been injured by metal bullets during confrontations that erupted yesterday evening at the Doban checkpoint near the town of Ya'bad.

In the evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two children from Ni'lin village, west of Ramallah.

The occupation forces arrested the two children, Muhammad Amira, 16, and Mustafa Amira, 14, from Ni'lin village, west of Ramallah, local sources told.

For several days, the West Bank has been witnessing intense confrontations in support of the detainees in the occupation jails in the face of the oppression they have been subjected to since the Freedom Tunnel operation, where six detainees managed to wrest their freedom from Gilboa jail a week ago.