The occupation forces launch detention & raids campaign in West Bank

September 29, 2021

WEST BANK & OCCUPIED JERUSALEM - The Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests the predawn morning of today in separate areas of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, Wednesday, Sept 29.

In occupied Jerusalem, the occupation forces detained 9 Palestinians from the towns of al-Tur, al-Isawiya, Bidu, and the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood. Two detainees from the town of Al-Isawiya have not yet been identified.

Moreover, they arrested the ex-detainee Ayoub al-Khaddour from his home in the town of Bidu, northwest of Jerusalem, and his brother Abdul Ghani from his place of residence in the town of Beit Sira, southwest of Ramallah, local sources reported.

Furthermore, the occupation arrested the Palestinian young man, Hosni Nazhi, from Budrus village, west of the city, after raiding his house and sabotaging its contents, sources in Ramallah said.

The occupation soldiers assaulted Nazhi’s son, Mahmoud, with severe beatings. It is worth Noting that Mahmoud underwent surgery and suffers from several diseases, the sources added.

The occupation soldiers, additionally, arrested Muhammad Ali Al-Qawasmi, after raiding and searching his house in al-Khalil, and the young man, Rami Al-Awiwi, from his house in Al-Salam Street in the city.