IOF shoot dead Palestinian birds hunter east Gaza

September 30, 2021

GAZA - Today, the occupation sharpshooters have shot dead a Palestinian young man in Al-Bureij refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, Thursday, Sept 30. 

The young man, identified as Muhammad Abdul-Karim Ammar, 41, was murdered today morning while hunting birds east of the Al-Bureij refugee camp.

This brings the number of Palestinian martyrs since this morning to three, after the martyrdom of the resistance fighter, Alaa Zayoud, 22, in Burqin, and the Palestinian mother, Esraa Khuzaymah, 30, from Qabatiya, near Al-Aqsa Mosque, purportedly for carrying a stabbing attack.

The Israeli occupation forces deliberately target citizens who approach the eastern and northern border areas of the Gaza Strip and prevent farmers from reaching their agricultural lands.