Palestinian Prisoner Passed Away in Israeli Jails

November 26, 2019

The Palestinian prisoner, Sami Abu Diak 36 years, passed away inside Israeli jails due to medical negligence. Abu Diak was a cancer patient and did not receive the necessary medical treatment although many calls to give him the necessary medicine.

It was not the first time that a Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli occupation jails due to deliberate medical negligence. Since the start of 2019, five Palestinian Patient detainees died in Israeli jails.

“Sami was subjected to a deliberate policy denying him the right to adequate medical care,” The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee confirmed.

Before his death, Abu Diak’s final message was:

To those with a living conscience…

"I am living my final hours and days, there is nothing I would like more than spending them near my mother; between my beloved ones, I would love to utter my last breath in my mother’s arms; I do not wish to die cuffed and shackled,

I do not want to die in front of a jailor who loves death and enjoys our pain and suffering".