Israeli occupation forces demolish Salhiya family's house in Sheikh Jarrah

January 20, 2022

The Israeli occupation forces demolished the home of the Salhiya family in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, after storming it and detaining and assaulting the family members.

Approximately 12 Israeli occupying forces arrived at the Salhiya family’s house early Wednesday morning, dragging the 15 inhabitants out before knocking down the house. The eviction was the first to be successfully carried out in Sheikh Jarrah in nearly five years.

According to the Prisoners Information Office, the occupation forces detained 26 Palestinians from the Salhiya family during the storming and demolishing of their house in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. 

The daughter of the owner of the house, Mahmoud Salhia, said: "The occupation forces suddenly raided our house and assaulted my father and 26 other people before detaining them all." 

The occupation forces sealed off the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, closed its entrances, intensified their deployment in it, and prevented ambulance crews and journalists from entering, in conjunction with the storming of the Salhia family area.