Israeli occupation authorities blow up detainee's house in Jenin

February 14, 2022

Occupied West Bank - The Israeli occupation forces blew up the house of the Palestinian detainee, Mahmoud Jaradat, in the town of Silat Al-Harithiya, west of Jenin. 

And the occupation forces, accompanied by explosives’ engineers,  raided the town of Silat Al-Harithiya, accompanied by a large number of Demolition vehicles, to tear the house down. Hours later, they blew the house up as seen in a video circulating on social media documenting the scene.

The Israeli occupation forces had closed the entrances to the town and prevented entry and exit until the house was completely blown up.

After that, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced the martyrdom of a teen and the injury of dozens with live ammunition.

The Palestinian detainee, Mahmoud Jaradat, and 3 others are accused of carrying out the “Evacuated Homesh” operation, which led to the killing of a settler and the injury of others.