Palestinian Factions Call for Days of Anger Protesting US Plan

January 30, 2020

The Follow-up Committee of Palestinian Factions called for days of anger on Tuesday and Wednesday 28-29/1/2020 in a protest against the US plan of the Deal the Century.

The committee called for wide demonstrations and protests in the main streets along Gaza Strip.

This call came after an urgent meeting for the Follow-Up Committee of Palestinian Factions which discussed the forthcoming announcement of what so-called " The Deal of the Century".

In a press conference held in Gaza yesterday, the Palestinian factions asserted that " The Deal of the Century is a link in a long chain of American conspiracies targeting the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian factions asserted that our people will not abandon their legitimate rights of self-determination and the Right to Return to their homelands which they forcibly left in 1948.

The factions declared that time has come to determine a united national strategy to confront the Israeli occupation's crimes on the ground.