Israeli occupation forces blow up house of Palestinian detainee in Jenin

May 07, 2022

The Israeli occupation forces demolished, at dawn today, house of a Palestinian detainee accused of having been involved in the “Homish” settlement operation carried out last December.

Tens of Israeli occupying forces, escorted by 150 armored military vehicles, stormed the town of Al-Silat Al-Harithiya, west of occupied Jenin, under the cover of spy planes, sealed off all its entrances, raided a number of residential buildings, and deployed snipers on top of them.

After that, the invading forces stormed house of the Palestinian detainee, Omar Ahmed Jaradat, and began manual demolitions of the internal walls and planting explosives inside, before detonating it at six in the morning.

Violent confrontations erupted between Palestinian freedom fighters and the occupation forces, who fired bullets and tear gas canisters.

Last month, the Israeli occupation "Supreme" Court ratified the decision to demolish the house of Jaradat on the grounds of having participated in carrying out the shooting operation that took place near the colonial settlement of Homesh between Jenin and Nablus, which resulted in the killing of a zionist settler and the injury of two others.

On February 14, the Israeli occupation authorities blew up house of Omar Jaradat brother, detainee Mahmoud Jaradat, preceded by the demolition of two other houses for the family, and at dawn today, the demolition of the fourth house was carried out.