5 Palestinians detained in Israeli occupation's West Bank raids

May 25, 2022

The Israeli occupation forces detained this early morning 5 Palestinian citizens of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, after storming and searching their homes and destroying their contents.

In Ramallah, the occupation forces raided the village of Beit Sira, and detained the two young men, Abd al-Rahman Wawi and Shaid Hamdan.

Additionally, in Al-Khalil, the occupation forces detained the former detainee, Riad Talal Asafra, 42, after they raided his house in the town of Beit Kahil.

In Qalqilya, the occupation forces detained Ahmed Hassan Salmi in his twenties, after raiding and searching his family's house.

Furthermore, in Bethlehem, the occupation forces raided the village of Umm Salamuna, south of the city, and broke into a number of houses, searched them, and tampered with their contents.