the end of Israeli occupation of all Palestinian territories.

March 20, 2018

The Hamas Movement has warned that it is time for the Israeli occupation state to pay dearly for its crimes against the Palestinian people and their holy sites.

“Today, we will give a promise and send a warning. We promise our people to achieve victory and we warn this enemy (Israel) that its attacks against our people and holy sites have reached its peak and it is time for it to pay its debts,” Hamas stated in a press release issued on its 30th founding anniversary.

Hamas also emphasized in its statement that “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine,” describing it as a “united Arab and Islamic city with no east or west.”

"All miserable decisions taken to declare Jerusalem city a capital for the occupation (Israel) are considered stupid and will be doomed to failure,” it added.

Hamas called on all factions to share the responsibility of the homeland and work together on protecting the Palestinian rights and national constants and renouncing all forms of security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.