Israeli occupation kidnaps 17 Palestinians in West Bank raids

January 24, 2023

Al-Qassam Website - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) invaded and ransacked many Palestinian homes across the occupied West Bank and kidnapped seventeen Palestinians, including a child and a former political detainee.

In occupied Al-Khalil, the occupying soldiers kidnapped Abdullah Safi, 20, from Kharsa village, Laith Mahmoud Abu Zneid from Doura town, and Mustafa Abu Jheishe, 18, from Ithna town.

In occupied Bethlehem, they kidnapped Nidal Hasanat, 25, from the Deheishe refugee camp, Akram Mallash, 19, and Saif Darwish,  13, from the Aida refugee camp.

The occupation troops also kidnapped Mahmoud Taqtouq from his home in the Marah Sa’ad neighbourhood in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Furthermore, they have raided and ransacked many homes in other parts of the occupied West Bank.