Israeli occupation forces attack Palestinian protesters near Gaza border fence

September 15, 2023

Al-Qassam Website - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have attacked Palestinians participating in a mass protest near the Gaza City border fence with rubber-coated steel bullets and teargas canisters. 

Local sources reported that a young Palestinian man was shot by the occupation soldiers with a rubber-coated round in the leg, and numerous others faced varying degrees of suffocation due to the extensive use of teargas.

Furthermore, a Palestinian journalist was shot with a teargas canister fired directly at him by the occupation forces.

The sources added that the IOF, stationed along the separation fence, cracked down on scores of peaceful Palestinians protesting the 17-year-long crippling blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation.

The people of Gaza continue to endure severe living conditions and limited access to essential resources, further exacerbated by relentless Israeli occupation assaults.