Palestinian freedom fighter free after 35 years in Israeli jails

1 week ago

WEST BANK, April 5 – Palestinian freedom fighter, Rushdi Abu Mukh, 58, was released yesterday after completing his 35-year prison sentence in Israeli jails, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

In the first comment after his release from detention, the prisoner Rushdi Abu Mukh said: "I feel that I am born again after these long years in detention."

Abu Mukh, from the Arab town of Baqaa al-Gharbieh in the 1948 occupied territories, was detained in 1986 along with three others from the same town for their resistance to the Israeli occupation.

Abu Mukh, along with 24 other Palestinian freedom fighters detained since before the signing of the Palestinian-Israeli Oslo accords in 1993, was supposed to have been released in 2014 in a US-brokered deal as part of the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations. However, the Israeli occupation reneged on the deal at the last minute.