Israeli occupation demolished 16 residential buildings in Jerusalem

July 25, 2019

On Monday, July 22, 2019, Israeli occupation forces demolished 16 residential buildings containing more than 100 apartments in Wadi Hummos neighborhood southeast of occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation bulldozers embarked on destroyed Palestinian homes tirelessly.

Dozens of Israeli occupation forces were increasingly booby-trapping civilian houses and other nearby buildings during early morning hours.

The residents of Wadi Hummus submitted an appeal to Israeli occupation forces prior to the demolition, it was rejected later.

By demolishing civilian houses, Israeli occupation forces forcibly displaced more than 1000 Palestinians from their own homes.

It is an ethnic cleansing process aimed to uproot indigenous Palestinian residents to bring more Israeli settlers instead.

Israeli occupation forces claim that the buildings present a security risk to Israel's so-called "security barrier", also known as the apartheid wall, 85 percent of which runs through the Palestinian occupied territories cutting and dividing Palestinian land and communities.

According to the International Humanitarian Law, this demolition process is illegitimate and violates the general principles of IHL as article 46 issued in 1907 states that " The occupier entity should not confiscate private property of occupied lands".

Many human rights organization condemned this aggressive demolition, including Amnesty which considered it as a part of a systematic pattern to forcibly displace Palestinians in occupied territories; such action amounts to war crimes".

From 2006 to June 30, 2019, Israeli occupation forces destroyed more than 1440 housing units as a collective punishment policy against Palestinian residents in occupied Jerusalem.