Israeli Occupation Kidnap Palestinians During Night Raids in West Bank

June 13, 2021

Al-Qassam Website- West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces kidnapped several Palestinian citizens during night raids in several West Bank cities and occupied Jerusalem last night.

In Ramallah, the occupation forces kidnapped the Palestinian youth Khaled Al-Masri after raiding his house in Deir Abu Misha’l village. The freed prisoner Islam Dannoun was also kidnapped after raiding and vandalizing his house in Rantees village. 

In Al-Khalil city, the Israeli occupation kidnapped the freed prisoner Noa’h Qufisha after raiding and vandalizing his house.

In the occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli undercover force kidnapped three Palestinian youths after assaulting them. Local sources reported that the Israeli undercover forces kidnapped Rami Salah Al-Denn, 21 and Loai Al-Kasawani,22 and Abdullah Al-Hidrah, 25 and threatened them with a weapon before arresting them.