The Israeli Occupation Kidnapped 17 Palestinians in West Bank

July 14, 2021

Al-Qassam Website- West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces launched a wide-scale campaign of arrests and kidnapped 17 Palestinians including 3 injured people in different areas across the occupied West Bank. 

Asra Media Office said that the Israeli occupation forces raided Beita Village, south of Nablus and kidnapped 11 Palestinian youths including 3 injured people who were identified as Rashid Qwareeq, Ramiz Qwareeq and Omar Burhum. 

In Tulkarem city, the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Khaled Al-Zebda, Ahmed Owda and Ra’ed Owda. In Bethlehem, the occupation forces kidnapped Abed Adel Al-Imour. Other Palestinian young men were kidnapped in Tubas and occupied Jerusalem according to Asra Media Office.