The Israeli Occupation Demolish Structures in Occupied Jerusalem

July 28, 2021

The Israeli occupation forces launched, yesterday early morning, a demolition and bulldozing campaign in several areas of occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources in occupied Jerusalem reported that Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by bulldozers, stormed several areas in the city and demolished several structures.

The sources also reported that the occupation forces demolished shops and car parks near Qalandia checkpoint, north of Jerusalem.

In addition, Israeli occupation forces conducted razing operations in the Abu Shaheed crossroad, near the town of al-Ram in Jerusalem.

Furthermore, the occupation forces demolished a stable for horses and its surrounding fence in the town of Al-Tur in Jerusalem yesterday morning.

Since occupying Jerusalem in 1967, the occupation has demolished more than two thousand homes in Jerusalem and has also followed a systematic racist and aggressive policy towards Jerusalemites. These actions aim at tightening its grip on Jerusalem, Judaizing it, and tightening the noose on its original inhabitants through a series of arbitrary decisions and actions.

Among these measures is the demolition of homes and facilities after posing many obstacles in the face of Jerusalemites trying to get building licenses.

Doing so, the occupation forces aim to limit and reduce the Palestinian population in the city; It established a coercive system that restricted the granting of building permits to the Palestinians, and subjected them to a tight bureaucratic and functional ladder; So that it takes years before it reaches its final stages.

While the occupation forces are demolishing Palestinian homes, they grant building permits for thousands of housing units in Israeli settlements established in Jerusalem.

The periodic report on Israeli violations for June 2021, prepared by the Hamas media office in the West Bank, recorded 3,373 violations by the occupation.

The occupation forces escalated the demolition to 24 houses and dozens of houses whose residents were notified of the demolition, compared to 3 houses demolished last May.

Israeli occupation forces destroyed 36 properties, including shops, agricultural facilities, barracks during June 2021.