Israeli occupation forces launch arrest campaign in West Bank and Jerusalem

August 02, 2021

WEST BANK - The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn today, Monday, a campaign of arrests and raids in separate areas in the West Bank, as Beita witnessed nighttime confrontations.

The Israeli occupation forces detained the young man, Jad Issam Nafe', after raiding the town of Ni'lin, Ramallah District.

The occupation forces carried out arrests and field interrogations’ campaign of young men in several towns in the governorate of Nablus.

The occupation forces stormed the town of Beita, south of Nablus, and detained Jihad Al-Safir, Karam Muhammad Daoud, and Saeed Zuhair Daoud, after raiding and searching their homes and tampering with its contents.

They raided the home of the freed prisoner, Obeida Kamal Jabour, and conducted a field investigation with him, after storming the village of Salem, east of Nablus.

In the town of Beita, south of Nablus, nighttime disturbances continued, near the outpost built on Mount Sabih.

The occupation soldiers detained the young men, Saeed Daoud, Jihad Al-Safir, and Karam Muhammad Daoud, after raiding their homes in the town.

In addition, the occupation forces raided the neighboring town of Odla.

Young men and activists from the village of Beit Dajan, east of Nablus, reached the settlement outpost northeast of the village and set fires near it.

In the same context, the occupation forces stormed the Shu'fat refugee camp, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, at dawn today, and detained Youssef and Ismail Al-Julani.