Video: Israeli settler open fire at Palestinians with soldiers' weapon

August 02, 2021

The Israeli human rights organization, B'Tselem’s camera documented a settler's shooting at Palestinians in al-Khalil in the southern occupied West Bank, using the weapon of an Israeli occupation soldier, in an incident that has been recently remarkably recurring.

The Hebrew "Kan 11" channel reported that the settler arrived at the Al-Tuwani village, south of al-Khalil, during confrontations with the Palestinians, "borrowed" a soldier's weapon, and opened fire at a group of Palestinians.

The incident is a continuation of the joint cooperation between the Israeli occupation forces and the settlers in firing at the Palestinians.

Last May, 11 Palestinians have been martyred in one day in the West Bank after being shot by the occupation forces and settlers alike.

A number of armed settlers were seen shooting along with the soldiers that day.