7 Palestinians injured by occupation soldiers during confrontations in Jenin

August 03, 2021

WEST BANK - Six Palestinian young men have been wounded with live bullets in violent confrontations in Jenin, in the northern West Bank, this early morning of Tuesday, which were considered the most violent in recent years.

Local sources said that the industrial zone in Jenin turned for hours into a real battlefield between the resistance fighters and the occupation soldiers who stormed the area, amid the sounds of explosions and the exchange of fire.

Furthermore, the occupation soldiers stationed at the industrial zone shot six civilians, some of whom with injuries in the limbs, while a young man, Diaa al-Sabarini, was seriously wounded by bullets to the abdomen, and was subsequently transferred to Nablus for treatment.

On the other hand, the town of Al-Yamoun, west of Jenin, witnessed, last night, wide confrontations after the occupation stormed the Al-Khamaiseh neighborhood in the town and raided the house of Jamil Al-Bardia in order to detain his son, who was not present, and detained his father and brother.

The sources added that three citizens were directly injured by gas grenades, which necessitated their transfer for treatment.