Israeli occupation target 83 Palestinian structures in July

August 08, 2021

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy "Shams" stated that the Israeli occupation forces targeted 83 Palestinian facilities with demolition, confiscation, seizure, and notified a number of them during July.

In its monthly report, Shams Center indicated that the most prominent violations were concentrated in the demolitions that affected (61) facilities, (15) of which the owners were forced to self-demolish under the threat of fines and imprisonment. The occupation forces also confiscated and seized one facility.

In terms of notifications, the occupation forces have notified 21 structures of demolition or confiscation, most of which are residential, in addition to agricultural structures, livestock sheds, and a cemetery.

The first indicator of the report focused on the distribution of facilities that were targeted for demolition, confiscation, or notifications according to their type, this month, included: 27 residential buildings, a residential tent, (5) barracks, and (3) residential rooms, (11) residential buildings and facilities in Bedouin communities, (5) greenhouses, (5) wells, ponds, and water lines, (5) commercial facilities, (4) agricultural facilities, (5) barns and livestock sheds, a store, (5) retaining walls and fences, (2) cemeteries, a car wash, a horse stable, a mobile caravan, a school, and a sewage room.