Injuries, arrests during Israeli night raids in Nablus and Jenin

August 11, 2021

WEST BANK, Aug 11 - The Israeli occupation forces detained, today’s early morning, a number of Palestinian citizens during raids throughout the occupied West Bank, during which confrontations took place in some areas.

The occupation forces stormed the commercial center area and raided the headquarters of the Al-Hawari Exchange Company in the Gold Market after blowing up its doors, and tampered with its contents.

Violent confrontations erupted between the Palestinian youths and the Israeli occupation forces who fired heavy bullets and sound bombs leading to a power outage in the area.

On the other hand, the occupation forces detained, at dawn, the three young men, Jaber Hassan Mansour, Khaled Walid Amer, and Ahmed Attia Mansour, from the village of Kafr Qelil at the Za'tara checkpoint, south of Nablus, after stopping the vehicle they were traveling in.

In Jenin, the occupation forces stormed the town of Jaba, and detained two civilians, while others suffocated with tear gas.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces detained the two young men, Maad Imad Kanaan and Iyad Youssef Malaisha, after storming the town and raiding their homes.

The sources pointed out that dozens of people suffocated during the large-scale confrontations that took place in the town, and lasted for hours.

The occupation forces detained a Palestinian civilian from al-Khalil, the southern West Bank.

According to the Al-Asra media office, the occupation forces detained the young man, Saddam Ahmed Shawahin, after storming and searching his house in Al-Jawaya gathering, east of Yatta town in al-Khalil.

In a related context, Israeli settlers attacked the homes of Palestinian citizens in the Tel Al-Rumeida area in the center of Hebron, under the protection of the occupation forces.