Israeli Occupation Detain, Assault Young Man in Jerusalem

August 14, 2021

On Friday evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man from his home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied Jerusalem, after assaulting him.

The occupation forces arrested the young man, Khalil Asho, from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, and severely beat him, and transferred him to one of the city's investigations centres, Jerusalemite sources reported.

These arrests come in the midst of a battle waged by the people of the neighbourhood with the occupation authorities and their unjust courts to displace dozens of families from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem and forcibly expel them for the benefit of settlers.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood residents and their supporters organize continuous sit-ins outside the occupation courts in occupied Jerusalem, and in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

The alleged Supreme Occupation Court in occupied Jerusalem had previously suspended a decision to displace 7 Jerusalemite families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, which is threatened with forced displacement.

Twenty-eight Palestinian families are facing the threat of displacement from their homes in which they have resided since 1956. Settler groups claim that the homes were built on land the Jews owned before 1948, which the residents deny and the documents in their possession.

Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood has been witnessing confrontations between the occupation forces and the settlers on the one hand, and the residents of the neighbourhood and the Jerusalemites, the youth and the solidarity activists, who confront the settlers’ incursions and attacks and affirm their steadfastness and steadfastness in their homes and land on the other hand.

The settlement associations, after years of complicity with the occupation courts, which recently issued a decision against seven families to be displaced, although the residents of the neighbourhood are the actual and legal owners of the land, are threatening, by the danger of displacement, 500 Jerusalemites living in 28 homes in the neighbourhood from.