Israeli occupation forces shoot, injure 41 eastern Gaza

August 22, 2021

GAZA, Aug 22 - 41 Palestinians have been injured, two of whom were seriously injured, including 22 children, as the Israeli occupation forces broke up dozens of protesters who approached the separation fence east of Gaza City, Gaza Ministry of Health announced.

Dozens of young men walked towards the fence and lit some rubber tires, while some climbed the fence and raised the Palestinian flag.  Meanwhile, the occupation forces targeted the demonstrators with gunfire and tear gas canisters, leaving dozens of injuries.

The injuries were classified as 35 moderates, 4 minor, 27 in the lower extremities, 2 in the upper extremity, 2 in the abdomen and back, 4 in the head and neck, and 6 in separate parts of the body, the Ministry of Health stated.

Thousands participated in the mass protest the factions called on in the Malaka Square area, east of Gaza City, to commemorate the burning of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This protest comes as the first of events that the factions will continue with until their demands to break the siege on the Gaza Strip come true, spokespersons for the Palestinian factions said before the start of the protest.

The occupation forces declared the reinforcement of their forces on the borders of the Gaza Strip, in anticipation of confrontations with the Palestinians.

Yesterday marked the 52nd anniversary of the burning of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, by the Australian Jew, Denis Michael Rohan.