Israeli occupation forces shoot, injure 70 Palestinians south Nablus

September 03, 2021

70 Palestinian civilians have been injured this afternoon, 12 of them with rubber-coated metal bullets, during confrontations with the occupation forces in the vicinity of Jabal Sbaih (Sbaih Mount), south of Nablus, the Palestinian Red Crescent said.

WEST BANK, Sept, 3 - The occupation forces fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters at a march that began after Friday prayers, that took place on Palestinian lands near the summit of Jabal Sbaih, local sources reported.

This morning, the occupation forces bulldozed one of the roads leading to Jabal Sbaih, hours before the start of the weekly march rejecting the settlement outpost on the top of the mountain.

Last night, the activities of night confusion activities continued in the vicinity of Jabal Sabih, where a great number of the people of Beita participated.

Since the start of settlements resistance, the young men have developed their methods of resisting the occupation, the latest of which is the bombing of large barrels opposite the occupation's checkpoint, and they also launch firecrackers and fireworks at the occupation soldiers who are guarding the outpost of the Jabal Sbaih.

Jabal Sbaih has been witnessing nighttime confrontations with the occupation forces in several areas. Meanwhile, the nighttime confusion units disturb the soldiers and settlers using innovative creative methods.