Israeli Occupation forces raid, detain Palestinians in West Bank

September 06, 2021

WEST BANK - The Israeli occupation forces launched raids and detention campaigns in separate areas in the occupied West Bank, last night and at dawn today, Monday, Sept 6, 2021.

In Ramallah, the occupation forces stormed Al-Am'ari refugee camp and arrested three young men Qusai Khader (20), Basil Abu Halima (21), and Yazan Abu Halima (20( after raiding and searching their families’ homes. 

The occupation forces broke into the town of Sarda, north of Ramallah, and detained the young man, Iyad Abu Shamla, a Birzeit University student. They also stormed the town of Abu Shkhaydam and arrested Muhammad Qendah (21 years).

In Nablus, the occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner Basim Ataba, after storming his house in the city of Nablus.

In Qalqilya, the occupation forces arrested Abdul-Hadi Jabr, after they raided and searched his house in the village of Kafr Laqif, east of Qalqilya.

In Jenin, Israeli occupation special units of the Mustarbeen (Israelis disguised as Arabs) kidnapped the two young men, Ahmed Manasra, from the town of Fahma, and the young man, Nayef Malaisha, from the town of Jaba, after raiding their families’ homes.

Yesterday evening, the occupation forces detained the two brothers, Salah and Nour Ez Ed-Din from Arraba, while they were on their land adjacent to the "Mabu Dothan" settlement.

In Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the city, and raided the house of Ibrahim Al-Maati in the Jabal Al-Mawaleh area in the center of Bethlehem, and confiscated the CCTV recordings.

Separate areas in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem have been witnessing daily incursions and arrests of citizens, terrorizing the population, women and children.